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I really miss blogging. It's one of those things that provides me with a lot of comfort and lets me kinda, get my idea's out. Plus, I love looking back, seeing what I've done and how I'm doing so I'm gonna try updating here more often. I forgot how relaxing this is-- I just spent like 20 minutes playing with photo's I took the past few days and now I get to upload them >:D 

On the upside I was able to do a few nice things recently. Getting out of the house and exploring is one thing I love to do and I got to since finals was starting to come to a close and I was able to get out. I went to this one place, it's so relaxing and so peaceful. Reminds me of NYC so I love it! It's called Le Pain Quotidien. I got this yummy tartine ( an open faced sandwich) it was... chicken curry, peach chutney, sunflower seeds and carrot shavings. And Apple Cider! Ughh I love apple cider. 

Also my mom bought me this awful shirt which I've worn the last like-- 4 days in a row haha


I spent like half my time walking, taking photo's of silly clothes I think Ai would wear and that was very fun <3


Business cards came in! I tried something new with the design this time and I they came out nice! Had to put the baby Ai on them hehe

Anyways-- I went to visit my mom last night to celebrate some pre-christmas stuff... just watching movies and eating nuts and drinking christmas tea's and well.. the day was good until we started talking about future, money, issues and school. I got really down. Ended up going to Mitsuwa to get some groceries, and decided to get some boba because I love it and I was thought it might cheer me up. The milk was curdled and the flavour was really sour? I was pretty bummed ):
BUT!!! At work, I had one of my customers came in and she and her sons gave me cookies as thanks for helping them with printing stuff  ; - ;  It was really nice. I was just having a bad day and it made me really happy <3 Then the guy at the sub place I often go to gave me a free cookie and asked me if my Makoto keychain was from battlestar galactica which made me laugh haha.

I guess that's it! I'm gonna be busy this week with Christmas things and trying to get things printed! I'm trying to decide if I should ship things out this week.. or wait itll after Christmas in case things are more likely to get lost in the christmas mail rush ): Ahh. Also I really want to work on my packaging and display of things. I'm planning on selling more original stuff at this next con, like some cute bug patterend memo pads and hopefully my Guro/Bug boy zine! It's gonna be super tiny but hopefully people enjoy my sketches c: I think they're pretty swank!!!

Til next time! Thanks for reading and have a Happy Christmas!!! Or a happy holiday, whatever it is you celebrate!! <3 Or just enjoy spending time with your loved ones and relaxing and being off school/work B^DDD

So long

Mar. 12th, 2013 08:30 pm
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I haven't updated in so long and I'm sorry ;;; I already have 2 separate blogs so this one on the side is hard to keep up with.

All I'm gonna say is...
My animation class is scary as hell
I just got hi top sneakers with wings 
my birthday was last week and it was alright ;; 
I don't know if I want to stay or go...

Stay in California
Go to New York City. 

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Getting back into the swing of things is really hard, and I think I expected more of myself this time around. I'm excited to be back at school, don't get me wrong, but I'm starting to realize now because the classes are getting harder and expecting more from us as art students, I've still got a lot to learn...

I had my figure drawing for animators class today, and it was pretty fabulous, but I just felt like... I couldn't get the hang of it. I know I just started this course, and I know I have somewhat good figures, figures that aren't like SUPER STIFF or anything, and gesture drawings are something I think I'm good at! But it's been a month since I've really worked on my art so jumping right back into like this is hard... next time I"m on a breakthat lasts longer than 3 days, I"m going to force myself to draw or like make my roommate pose for me so I can just get in some practice and not become so rusty!

I don't have many plans for tomorrow. Just lazing around, Italian, probably watch a ton of movies with my roomie <3 oh it shall be a blast. My favourite mangaka updated today! Well her latest manga and I'm excited to read but I'm kinda like--- "should I put it off for another day, and then make some really good tea and a snack and just sit there with my laptop and read it? Mhmm I feel like that's the proper route.

Side note-- so hetalia updated! That's exciting yeah, but once again I'm realizing how dependent my art is on a fandom... I really need to stop drawing so much fanart, because I'm such a people pleaser. I want to draw my own things, and I love my original characters, but when no one notices or cares for them, or like inspires me to want to work on them.. that's what it is. When I watch hetalia, read about history, learn about other cultures, naturally I'm inspired by Hetalia, but to be inspired by my own original characters is hard when you're being told constantly what and how to draw. The weekends are the only time you can even dare think about your own original idea's and even then, you're so tired... so very tired.

So much homework, 24 page reading and then some, then.... I've got some 3D assignments, uhhh gotta draw a picture of myself, and go check on my sculpture ; v ; /


**Good news though! I just got paid $300 to do an email newsletter and logo design for a company so yay c: so excited to buy my octopus!!**
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I fly home tomorrow. Well technically today, but I haven't fallen asleep just yet. 

I've got so much on my mind and most of all, I'm just thinking too far ahead about things that aren't to be worried about. Not now that is. I feel like I always have to put a time limit on everything I do. I can't just do something, I need to do it, know when I'm likely to finish, how much progress I should make daily, what type of things I can do to speed up or make it easier for me. Then, when I see discouraging people or hear negative things, I want to give up, it's such a pain. I recycle this old feeling over and over and over. 

I got to see my family today though! My auntie and uncle drove all the way out to see my mother and I-- and they brought their twin babies who are just super adorable and cute! I got to feed Nora yogurt and let her drink some water. She's such a smiley baby, and ugh so cute. Anthony on the other hand is so serious and rarely smiles. We have constant staring contests, though I'm sure hes just staring and wondering what the hell that thing in my nose is! A septum of course orz

Anyways... I've got a long list of things to do on the flight! Knit... Might watch Brave and cry my eyes out, probably some Hetalia because hey, why not! I've got my Italian workbook and hours of music... Fanfiction and my sketch book is handy dandy too, considering I should be drawing thumbnails for drawings so I can just get everything in order once I get back to CA! Once I'm not so busy I hope to fill up this dull little blog with pictures so yay! 

I should get to bed though... gotta wake up in six hours ;; Plus, I just ate some pasta and now I've got a piece stuck in my throat so blehh hopefully that'll just go away soon. Not comfortable =  = I just felt really bad! My mom made me all this good food, but I've been so stressed I didn't eat much and I felt guilty.  

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 So my portfolio review went really well! I passed, and it wasn't that I didn't think I'd pass... gosh that makes me sound conceited, but it's the scholarship. That's what I need most. Without that, going to this school becomes almost impossible without me having to make a 40 minute train ride commute THEN a 2 mile walk. I don't know how easily I could do that, holding a +15 lbs portfolio case and +25lbs backpack, two times, 5 days a week. 

I'm going to work on a few things, some sketch idea's! We'll see what happens. 

It was so much fun hanging out in the city! My mother and I met up and got something for lunch, then we went to this cute little asian eatery. It was very small, but they had bubble tea! I made the mistake of not getting milk bobba since I assumed the mango would be milk. It was still good, but I prefer milk ;; 

Astro boy was there too! 

Then I took some photo's of the empire state building and of this amazing place called "Eataly" which is a play on words for Italy. It's like this high end, gourmet italian food grocery type store. The prices weren't that bad though! I almost got some proscuitto but I didn't want it to spoil in the car. My moms getting worried that I'm spending way too much money on food orz 

Alright! Off to study Italian again orz this is my life. studying, drawing, cooking... I really need to add some things to the mix. Maybe I'll go get a bubble tea tomorrow -$4.55 

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Portfolio review is tomorrow ahh ;;

Trying to decide what to wear though I know that won't help me and all my cute dresses are in CA so I have to wear my tightsxshortsxsweater combo. Not that an art school cares-- but it's NYC and I do want to look nice... I might end up just wearing my flower outfit.

I hope all goes well. *breathes*
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We drove halfway to meet my grandparents today, between where they live and where we do. We went to this little thai restaurant in New York that my mother and I have become annual frequents at. I made sure NOT to order the medium and get mild pad thai. Too spicy for Mo. Far too spicy!

Ommy and Papa (grandmother and grandpa) are just really funny. My mom and I just stare at each other and laugh. Ommy pulled out these old keys and handed them to me- apparently they'd been in her pocket from watching my baby cousins earlier- and she told us a funny story about my grammy who passed away this summer, Papa's mother. It was kinda nice. I don't usually like tears, especially from Papa, but they were happy tears. I know he really misses her and I just wish I could be around them more. It really makes you realize how quick things can be given and taken away.

I'm pretty stressed out right now too... I've got my portfolio review in 2 days. Basically, the pressures on. If I don't get a scholarship, I have to stay in California and we don't want that. We want to be back in New York, we want to be near my family, my cats, my home, the place I know and grew up and dreamed of working in ever since I was a little girl. Originally, I wanted to work in the twin towers, doing something, but I'll save that dream for another life <3 Plus it'll really destroy my self esteem so I really hope that doesn't happen...

Anyways, on a much lighter note! Tomorrow in my town, there's this rinky dink Indie Comic/Manga con... I'm, terrified!?! It's run by a small art society in my town but I'll say my town is more city than town, there's a lot of people and a lot to do-- SO I HOPE that means that there will be lots of people, preferably my age, there! And not crazy. Please not crazy... I'll go get my mango mist bubble tea, then walk to the con and see what happens ; v ; Oh and I gotta colour my hair and finish inking my fake comic page!

Gosh. I hope my entries aren't this long always... I love reading long entries by others but I doubt anyone could listen to me jibber jabber for more than five minutes and this was probably a good six. Oh boy. I hope I can start posting pictures in the future.

Welp, time for bed! Gonna go over some Italian notes and then sleep for about nine hours if I can!

Buona notte <3
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I didn't really do much today.

Practiced Italian... Painted my nails... Made bubble tea.

I kind of forget how dull things can get around here. Not that my house or life is really dull, it's not! I just, I don't know. Not a lot happens here unless I've got money and transportation. I like to make excuses for why my days are boring. I can see New York City from my bedroom and yet I wake up every morning and just prefer the coziness of my bed rather than getting up and doing something.

I've got a list of things I should really be drawing, but I'm not really in the mood to draw. I'll draw something tonight, I really should. My teacher said we should be drawing 4-6 hours a day. In the last 3 I've drawn about zero.

My mom said I might go get my hair cut this weekend! I'll be dying it red again tomorrow so that's exciting!

Other than that, tonight is a relaxed night doodling, sitting with my kitties and listening to top indie so I can get some new songs on my playlist.