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Getting back into the swing of things is really hard, and I think I expected more of myself this time around. I'm excited to be back at school, don't get me wrong, but I'm starting to realize now because the classes are getting harder and expecting more from us as art students, I've still got a lot to learn...

I had my figure drawing for animators class today, and it was pretty fabulous, but I just felt like... I couldn't get the hang of it. I know I just started this course, and I know I have somewhat good figures, figures that aren't like SUPER STIFF or anything, and gesture drawings are something I think I'm good at! But it's been a month since I've really worked on my art so jumping right back into like this is hard... next time I"m on a breakthat lasts longer than 3 days, I"m going to force myself to draw or like make my roommate pose for me so I can just get in some practice and not become so rusty!

I don't have many plans for tomorrow. Just lazing around, Italian, probably watch a ton of movies with my roomie <3 oh it shall be a blast. My favourite mangaka updated today! Well her latest manga and I'm excited to read but I'm kinda like--- "should I put it off for another day, and then make some really good tea and a snack and just sit there with my laptop and read it? Mhmm I feel like that's the proper route.

Side note-- so hetalia updated! That's exciting yeah, but once again I'm realizing how dependent my art is on a fandom... I really need to stop drawing so much fanart, because I'm such a people pleaser. I want to draw my own things, and I love my original characters, but when no one notices or cares for them, or like inspires me to want to work on them.. that's what it is. When I watch hetalia, read about history, learn about other cultures, naturally I'm inspired by Hetalia, but to be inspired by my own original characters is hard when you're being told constantly what and how to draw. The weekends are the only time you can even dare think about your own original idea's and even then, you're so tired... so very tired.

So much homework, 24 page reading and then some, then.... I've got some 3D assignments, uhhh gotta draw a picture of myself, and go check on my sculpture ; v ; /


**Good news though! I just got paid $300 to do an email newsletter and logo design for a company so yay c: so excited to buy my octopus!!**