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We drove halfway to meet my grandparents today, between where they live and where we do. We went to this little thai restaurant in New York that my mother and I have become annual frequents at. I made sure NOT to order the medium and get mild pad thai. Too spicy for Mo. Far too spicy!

Ommy and Papa (grandmother and grandpa) are just really funny. My mom and I just stare at each other and laugh. Ommy pulled out these old keys and handed them to me- apparently they'd been in her pocket from watching my baby cousins earlier- and she told us a funny story about my grammy who passed away this summer, Papa's mother. It was kinda nice. I don't usually like tears, especially from Papa, but they were happy tears. I know he really misses her and I just wish I could be around them more. It really makes you realize how quick things can be given and taken away.

I'm pretty stressed out right now too... I've got my portfolio review in 2 days. Basically, the pressures on. If I don't get a scholarship, I have to stay in California and we don't want that. We want to be back in New York, we want to be near my family, my cats, my home, the place I know and grew up and dreamed of working in ever since I was a little girl. Originally, I wanted to work in the twin towers, doing something, but I'll save that dream for another life <3 Plus it'll really destroy my self esteem so I really hope that doesn't happen...

Anyways, on a much lighter note! Tomorrow in my town, there's this rinky dink Indie Comic/Manga con... I'm, terrified!?! It's run by a small art society in my town but I'll say my town is more city than town, there's a lot of people and a lot to do-- SO I HOPE that means that there will be lots of people, preferably my age, there! And not crazy. Please not crazy... I'll go get my mango mist bubble tea, then walk to the con and see what happens ; v ; Oh and I gotta colour my hair and finish inking my fake comic page!

Gosh. I hope my entries aren't this long always... I love reading long entries by others but I doubt anyone could listen to me jibber jabber for more than five minutes and this was probably a good six. Oh boy. I hope I can start posting pictures in the future.

Welp, time for bed! Gonna go over some Italian notes and then sleep for about nine hours if I can!

Buona notte <3

Date: 2013-01-14 12:41 am (UTC)
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Thai restaurants are great! I love spicy food, but of course not everybody likes it. Luckily, they always have something that isn't that spicy, so I hope you liked your food anyway.

Ah, your grandparents sound really great... But I'm sorry for your loss. I can't really imagine losing one of my grandparents (I practically live with them and I love them to death) but at least there will always be memories and little stories like that. They give the people you lost a chance to live in your heart, and that is a very precious thing,

Don't stress yourself out too much! I'm sure you will get your scholarship and everything will be fine. I'll root for you!

Comic/Manga cons are a lot of fun! There are a lot of crazy people, yes, but also a lot of nice guys who share your interests and are great to talk to. Also, there is always a lot of nice stuff you can buy, I never leave without having bought something orz Hope you have fun!

Oh, and don't worry. It's nice reading your entries and seeing how you are doing, there is no need for keeping them short. I for my part like hearing from you. <3