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I really miss blogging. It's one of those things that provides me with a lot of comfort and lets me kinda, get my idea's out. Plus, I love looking back, seeing what I've done and how I'm doing so I'm gonna try updating here more often. I forgot how relaxing this is-- I just spent like 20 minutes playing with photo's I took the past few days and now I get to upload them >:D 

On the upside I was able to do a few nice things recently. Getting out of the house and exploring is one thing I love to do and I got to since finals was starting to come to a close and I was able to get out. I went to this one place, it's so relaxing and so peaceful. Reminds me of NYC so I love it! It's called Le Pain Quotidien. I got this yummy tartine ( an open faced sandwich) it was... chicken curry, peach chutney, sunflower seeds and carrot shavings. And Apple Cider! Ughh I love apple cider. 

Also my mom bought me this awful shirt which I've worn the last like-- 4 days in a row haha


I spent like half my time walking, taking photo's of silly clothes I think Ai would wear and that was very fun <3


Business cards came in! I tried something new with the design this time and I they came out nice! Had to put the baby Ai on them hehe

Anyways-- I went to visit my mom last night to celebrate some pre-christmas stuff... just watching movies and eating nuts and drinking christmas tea's and well.. the day was good until we started talking about future, money, issues and school. I got really down. Ended up going to Mitsuwa to get some groceries, and decided to get some boba because I love it and I was thought it might cheer me up. The milk was curdled and the flavour was really sour? I was pretty bummed ):
BUT!!! At work, I had one of my customers came in and she and her sons gave me cookies as thanks for helping them with printing stuff  ; - ;  It was really nice. I was just having a bad day and it made me really happy <3 Then the guy at the sub place I often go to gave me a free cookie and asked me if my Makoto keychain was from battlestar galactica which made me laugh haha.

I guess that's it! I'm gonna be busy this week with Christmas things and trying to get things printed! I'm trying to decide if I should ship things out this week.. or wait itll after Christmas in case things are more likely to get lost in the christmas mail rush ): Ahh. Also I really want to work on my packaging and display of things. I'm planning on selling more original stuff at this next con, like some cute bug patterend memo pads and hopefully my Guro/Bug boy zine! It's gonna be super tiny but hopefully people enjoy my sketches c: I think they're pretty swank!!!

Til next time! Thanks for reading and have a Happy Christmas!!! Or a happy holiday, whatever it is you celebrate!! <3 Or just enjoy spending time with your loved ones and relaxing and being off school/work B^DDD