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so much for simple layout-- the stars!

So I don't know what to put here right now, since I'm just gonna hope that I can make some lovely blogging friends! Tumblr is just, become more of a burden to me than not and that makes me sad since I did enjoy it a lot. I just want a place where I can feel less threatened by fandoms and fanart, fan fan fan fan....people who appreciate something because it's drawn by a somebody, not a nobody.

I know i'll never find that place, and i'll surely just be a lost cause all my life in that department, but on this journey, I'd like to at least unleash all my feelings somewhere safe. Blogging is something I really really really enjoy and spent a lot of time doing when I was very lonely and very sad so even if it brings back bad memories, knowing that I could share my long winded troubles with others helped me and allowed me to kind of, discover, I don't need other people's recognition. That I can do things on my own, and in time, people will notice and whatever happens happens.

babble babble it is very late... well late for me since I got about 5 hours of sleep last night.

I'll write something nicer tomorrow! 

Buona notte!