Jan. 19th, 2013

calamaroooh: (Default)
I fly home tomorrow. Well technically today, but I haven't fallen asleep just yet. 

I've got so much on my mind and most of all, I'm just thinking too far ahead about things that aren't to be worried about. Not now that is. I feel like I always have to put a time limit on everything I do. I can't just do something, I need to do it, know when I'm likely to finish, how much progress I should make daily, what type of things I can do to speed up or make it easier for me. Then, when I see discouraging people or hear negative things, I want to give up, it's such a pain. I recycle this old feeling over and over and over. 

I got to see my family today though! My auntie and uncle drove all the way out to see my mother and I-- and they brought their twin babies who are just super adorable and cute! I got to feed Nora yogurt and let her drink some water. She's such a smiley baby, and ugh so cute. Anthony on the other hand is so serious and rarely smiles. We have constant staring contests, though I'm sure hes just staring and wondering what the hell that thing in my nose is! A septum of course orz

Anyways... I've got a long list of things to do on the flight! Knit... Might watch Brave and cry my eyes out, probably some Hetalia because hey, why not! I've got my Italian workbook and hours of music... Fanfiction and my sketch book is handy dandy too, considering I should be drawing thumbnails for drawings so I can just get everything in order once I get back to CA! Once I'm not so busy I hope to fill up this dull little blog with pictures so yay! 

I should get to bed though... gotta wake up in six hours ;; Plus, I just ate some pasta and now I've got a piece stuck in my throat so blehh hopefully that'll just go away soon. Not comfortable =  = I just felt really bad! My mom made me all this good food, but I've been so stressed I didn't eat much and I felt guilty.